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Information Technology

In information technologies our capacities are very wide. We can help you in the following domains:

- Complete operation of work with data storage devices, network applications and e-mail, more precisely creation, processing, analysis, sale and distribution.

- Maintenance of all types of OC and Android computer applications for different platforms.

- The provision of equipment to analyze and collect information.

- The preparation, learning, projection and realization of technological projects.

- The processing of the data, the hosting and the types of activity linked.

- The management of computer resources by the international standard:

(F) Fault Management

(C) Configuration Management

(A) Accounting Management / Record of network operation

(P) Performance Management / Productivity management

(S) Security Management

- The provision of services for the development, development and maintenance of comprehensive computer applications.

- The elaboration of the monitoring of the WEB-pages.

- Diagnosis of all types of devices to analyze Internet information.

- Computer consulting: learning the market structure of technologies, platforms and devices. Learning about market prices, platforms, technology services, learning about trends and changes in this area.

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The development of the ios and android applications

The application development process consists of several stages. We start with the precise statement of the task, that is, we ask ourselves questions "What is this application for?" "What should it be?" "What needs do you have?" We find the problem or goal which will be solved and reached by an application. By total initial coordinations, we propose possible variants and algorithms.

In the next phase, the design, we study the analogues and the competitors, checking the reaction and behavior of the public of our future application. We create the prototype, and then the technical department starts working.

Our technical department specialists create and finalize the concept, that is, the appearance, then work with each screen, element and state in different variations. After successful check of the visual part, the application passes the full technical and functional test on various devices, different operating systems. Errors are adjusted if necessary, and a new application can be launched.

Above we have mentioned the particularities, and that is why we want to explain once more. The mobile application is created first, as the business part. So it must be up and running quickly, work productively, and be beneficial as soon as possible. Thus, such an approach is an airlock for the application owner. Lowers risks to bear losses from poorly made or not actual application because the first launches happen with the minimum set of functions and technical features that helps to receive data on operation and profitability of application faster.

In complex systems and apps we avoid using ‘out of the box solutions’ consisting of adapting pre-made tools to specific application. Or working in author’s technologies limiting future scalability of a client’s project. Customized softwares which we deliver are adjusted to our client’s business processes and their market specifics, guaranteeing functional logic, commercial efficiency and safety.

As a company in providing solutions to the industry through the execution of high quality projects and a great added value represented in costs, technological surveillance and service. Our serious and responsible organization offers internal and constant technological training and training processes.