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Integrated Project Management in API Brothers. is a values-driven business consulting service that advises on and executes complex and strategic initiatives, helping our projects overcome challenges and break new ground in their respective industries. API’s family of deeply caring, passionate business professionals provides exceptional project leadership to transform strategies and solutions into sustainable results.

Whether it’s a problem or a “destination,” we’ll work side by side with our projects to help navigate obstacles, reach our goals, and sustain performance.

Importance of Using a Project Management Organization

When companies are implementing new business solutions, reengineering processes, constructing a new building, transforming their digital systems, or undertaking any other type of project, having the right project management team with the help we can make all the difference in how smoothly the project goes and whether or not it stays on budget and timeline. When project management goes wrong, organizations can suffer in a number of ways and projects can fail. Some of the symptoms of poor project management include:

- Budget overruns

- Projects stalling

- Missed deadlines

- Large scope changes

- Insufficient resources

- Stakeholder dissatisfaction

To keep those types of issues from happening, companies often seek out program management consulting from a well-respected firm. When working with professional project management consulting services, projects have a much better chance of succeeding and staying on budget, on time, and achieving the desired results.

According to PWC, 80% of “high performing” projects are led by a certified project manager.

It’s no surprise that trained project consultants give projects a much better chance of success. They follow specific project management methodologies and have experience in organizing all the moving parts that go along with managing a project.

Project management and consulting go hand in hand with change management, which is the framework used for guiding employees in a company through an organizational change. You’ll find that several project consultancy companies list change management as a key service offered.

Role of Project Management

Project consultancy services are responsible for leading a project, ensuring it’s completed according to project specifications, and that it achieves the desired results.

The role of project management consultant firms typically involves some or all the following duties:

- Performing a project assessment to define the scope and timeline of a project

- Costing the project to help develop a budget

- Identifying any impacted stakeholders

- Development of a project management plan

- Directing all aspects of the project including team members, employees, and vendors

- Procuring necessary materials for the project

- Ensuring the project stays on budget and timeline

- Overseeing quality management of the project

- Developing a project communication plan

- Training any needed stakeholders on new processes or systems

- Executing the project roadmap and tasks that need to be accomplished

- Monitoring and reporting back on project progress and KPIs

- Closing out the project and providing a final report

- Developing a project communication plan

Our company leads a team at an organization and guide them using project management best practices. Firms may also hire project management consulting services to take on the entire project and handle everything for them.

What are companies looking for when hiring project management consultancy companies?


From global quantitative studies to brand tracking, and from brand positioning to customer experience mapping, we deliver all the building blocks to create a bespoke marketing strategy.


Often, using project management as a service will mean a team with project management certification will be heading a project, rather than those who are less experienced. For example, many project management and consulting personnel will have special qualifications, such as Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification or Program Management Professional (PgMP)® certification.

Industry Knowledge

Project consultancy companies are often brought on board a project because they bring a vast array of industry knowledge to the table that an organization may not have. Since top project management firms work with so many different clients, they know the most efficient ways to manage projects, keep projects on budget, and overcome project road bumps.